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Veronica Randolph Batterson

   "When you turn around, you'll see something I bet you've never seen before. If it takes your breath away, then you'll fit in nicely. If you don't feel anything, then maybe you don't belong here."   -  Daniel's Esperanza 

Williamsburg Hill by Veronica Randolph Batterson

Williamsburg Hill When history touches the present through an old ghost town, its cemetery, and an ancestral piece of furniture passed down through the ages, a story connecting two generations and eras unfolds. A dual timeline, historical and contemporary romance with settings in Scotland and Illinois.  - Paperback and Kindle versions available on Amazon.

Daniel's Esperanza by Veronica Randolph Batterson

Daniel's Esperanza  

A rancher and his wife provide a haven for wild mustangs on ten thousand acres in northern New Mexico. Unable to have children of their own, they also provide a home to a broken and abused teenage boy from Virginia. A contemporary, mainstream adult story.   - Paperback and Kindle versions available on Amazon

Funny Pages by Veronica Randolph Batterson
Billy's First Dancy by Veronica Randolph Batterson

Funny Pages

The cape fills the page with crimson brilliance.  Its color flows like a raging stream from one frame to the next. The fabric is smooth and inviting, yet dangerous and unpredictable. Sally's grand-father is a retired cartoonist. He creates Marchmont just for her. A middle grade book of fiction.  -  Paperback and Kindle versions available on Amazon.

Billy's First Dance

Thirteen-year-old Junie dreams of becoming a writer. Her youngest brother, Billy, afflicted with Spina Bifida and confined to a wheelchair, dreams of dancing. Their quirky but loving family finds a way to stay together. Set in the southeast in the 1970s, a middle grade book of fiction.  -  Paperback version available on Amazon.

Author, Book, and Literary Festival appearances have included the Santori Public Library (Aurora, IL), Aurora Public Library (Aurora), Yorkville Public Library (Yorkville, IL), Oswego Literary Festival (Oswego, IL), Fountaindale Public Library (Bolingbrook, IL), Joliet Public Library, (Joliet, IL), Sugar Grove Public Library (Sugar Grove, IL), and Bookstock - Memphis Public Library

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