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Set in the American southwest, DANIEL'S ESPERANZA is literary fiction and written for the adult reader. Under the backdrop of Native American culture, a rancher and his wife provide a haven for wild mustangs on ten thousand acres in northern New Mexico. Unable to have children of their own, they also provide a home to a broken and abused teenage boy from Virginia. Their wild horse sanctuary gives comfort to the boy, while the family faces challenging actions and lies from a vindictive neighbor and the threat of the boy's biological father resurfacing.

Daniel escapes his abusive father and finds a new home with Frank and Sarah Carpenter, ranchers and owners of a wild horse sanctuary. For three years, he heals, is nurtured and becomes an adult. Daniel learns how to ride horses, train them and accept a family as his own.

However, a vengeful, neighboring rancher and son become formidable enemies. They engage in threats against the Carpenters and Daniel that involve horse stealing, gambling and potential danger to the sanctuary horses. The neighbors also hire a private investigator to look into Daniel's past, allowing his abusive father to learn of his whereabouts.

Thirteen-year-old Junie dreams of becoming a writer. Her youngest brother, Billy, afflicted with Spina Bifida and confined to a wheelchair, dreams of dancing.  Their quirky but loving family finds a way to stay togetherSet in the southeast in the 1970s, BILLY'S FIRST DANCE unfolds with attention to family bonds, special needs and coming of age. 

Sally's grandfather is a retired cartoonist. He creates Marchmont just for her. FUNNY PAGES highlights Sally's family life and the fictional characters of the village, Marchmont.

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