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Veronica Randolph Batterson
          "I can not live without books." ~ Thomas Jefferson

I don't buy only one book, read it, then go on to the next. I often buy several books at a time, starting one before I finish another. There are stacks of books in my home and I wouldn't have it any other way.  It's comfortable and comforting. I love how they feel in my hands. Because of this, it was difficult to embrace ebooks, but I've done it. I admit reading via the Kindle is convenient, however I've hit airport bookshops when a long flight loomed. Paperbacks are much more reliable.   

When my children were younger, the place we visited first when summer vacation started was the library. Both of my daughters checked out bags of books, spending a great deal of reading time on our screened back porch. We made several trips to the library before school resumed in the fall and my children proudly carried their own library cards for many years.

My favorite genre to read is historical fiction although this isn't the genre in which I necessarily write. I simply wish to try different things with respect to writing. Some people think you should write what you know.  I think you should write about things that interest you.  If it takes research to get to know what you're writing, then you are that much wiser.

Where the Red Fern Grows by Wilson Rawls is my favorite children's book. I credit my fifth grade teacher, Miss Wilder, for introducing me to Old Dan and Little Ann.

When I was a teenager, I adored the books by Eleanor Hibbert. Ms. Hibbert wrote under several pseudonyms including Victoria Holt, Jean Plaidy and Philippa Carr. These books fueled my interest in historical and gothic genres. I own copies of all the Holt books and various copies of the Plaidy and Carr series.

I think the best "memoir of the craft" that I've read is Stephen King's On Writing. Even if you don't read King's books, there is much to learn from Stephen King, the writer.  Best advice taken from his book? Lose the adverbs.
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