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Veronica Randolph Batterson
Excerpt from BILLY'S FIRST DANCE Copyright 2010 Veronica Randolph Batterson:

Early on the morning of Wisteria's graduation, I awoke and stretched lazily, lying in my bed as I watched the warm morning sun play shadow games on the wall with the tree branches outside my window.  First, I saw a rabbit hopping across a meadow, and then I envisioned a sailboat on a windy lake. Just as quickly as one shadow appeared, another one soon took its place. It was quite peaceful lying there with a gentle breeze blowing the curtains back and forth against the window. I looked over at Wisteria's bed and saw her sleeping. She seemed too young to be graduating, and I hoped she would have fun on her special day.

Suddenly a quick "ping'" rattled the screened window. A few seconds passed and it happened again. It was followed by a whispered, "Junie! Junie, are you awake?"

I jumped out of bed and looked through the window. Tommy and Billy were outside gazing up at me. Their voices were impatient.

"Did you forget, Junie? Hurry and come on down. The best ones are probably already taken. Don't wake up Wisteria!"

Slowly I remembered. Tommy and Billy wanted to surprise Wisteria with a graduation gift. Tommy had convinced Billy that Wisteria needed a puppy and he knew just the place they could get one. Mr. Mullis, who ran a vegetable stand up the street, owned a dog that had puppies six weeks ago. The puppies were ready to be given away and Mr. Mullis was anxious to find new homes for them.

Excerpt from FUNNY PAGES Copyright 2011 Veronica Randolph Batterson

The character was colorful. He was new and nearly jumped from the pages of vellum strewn across the drawing board. What was his purpose? Was he a villain, destined to wreak havoc on the little village of Marchmont? Perhpas he'd be a hero and save Princess Isobel from the wicked and evil Mr. Falcon.

His introduction was the only color reflected on the page. The other drawn figures, in shades of gray, paled in comparison. The color must have significance.

I looked for more, but could find nothing. The comic had held my attention from the moment Pops created it. I couldn't wait for the next installment. 

Cruel  Mr. Falcon had a plan to protect all that he felt belonged to him. Marchmont was his empire and he wouldn't let anything or anyone take that away.

There was a new person who threatened Falcon's territory and everything that came with it. Who was he? Mr. Falcon was determined to find out who the stranger was and what he wanted.